What is Super-Slim Light-box?


Potential uses include department and retail stores, corporate headquarters, trade show exhibitions, art exhibitions, airport concourses, restaurant and fast food chains, directories, sports centers, bus shelters, and shopping mall floor plans.

What are the features of the slim Light box ?

  1. Slim and aesthetic design

  2. Durable

  3. Low power consumpation, built-in on/off switch

  4. No generation of heat on surface of the screen.

  5. Easy to change graphics

  6. Easy to install on the wall

  7. Even light distribution

Any other sizes besides A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 and AA?

  We can custom made according to your required size provided there is sizable volume to do so.

With this new edge-lit technolgy to replace the traditional backlit light boxes, we have reached near perfect illumination across the entire surface. They are 1.5 inches theck and gives any advertisement a modern look. We even carry double-sided light panels to save space and advertise on both sides of the same panel.

What is CCFL?


Is it possible to replace lamp?

Yes. T5 tube, can easily be replacced. For CCFL tube, just refer to our authorized dealer. We will charge at minimum cost.

How do we put the image into the light boxes?

The light boxes have frames with front face opening. No tools necessary

The CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) is a light source classified as an electronic component. The CCFL in simplest terms is a gas-discharge light  source, which produces its output from a stimulated phosphor coating inside the glass lamp envelope. A CCFL can be described as a transducer converting electrical energy into light energy.

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What type of film can be used?

It accepts virtually any graphic transparencies.You may develop the film from negative film or produce film through printer (inkject printing) or output from digital images. Any advertising company can produce the film.

Do these have hanging apparatus on the backs?

Yes. Mounting kits are included in the package.

Do the graphics have plastic or glass in the fronts?

All have a plastic protector sheet/acrylic panel that is placed over the backlit image.

What is the difference between these light boxes and other similar products in the market?

Some products in the market are using normal flourescent lamp, which are thin, but do not use LCD backlight technology. Our products can produce an even illumination as well as low power consumption.

 Warranty Returns

Please keep all original packing for duration of the warranty period.

All Products carry a manufacturer's 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. If  our products fails in the first 30 days from the date of receipt, we will  pay the freight to ship the light box back, after 30 days the customer will be rseponsible for the freight cost . The manufacture will repair or replace the light  boxes.

Return Policy

  • Returns on stock items are accepted within 30 days of delivery.

  • All returns are subject to a 20% inspection, re-boxing and re-stocking fee.

  • All returned items must be repacked and returned in their original packaging for protection.

  • The customer is responsible for any damage that occurs during return shipment.
    Packages being returned should be insured by you for your protection.

  • Return merchandise received damaged will not be credited.

  • Customers are responsible for the initial shipping cost and all return shipping costs.
    No credits are issued on shipping costs.

  • Absolutely no returns accepted on custom displays and customized products.



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