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A1D-A Double Sided Stytle Light Box

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Prod. Code: A1D-A Double Sided Style

Using a unique "Inlaid" technique combined with an optical light panel, we have become one of the most specialized manufactures/exporters of double sided light panels. Moreover, our company philosophy is to continually provide a committed service under the principles of honesty and integrity, which we regard as the most expedient way to protect our clients interests – which stands as the first priority among our list of client responsibilities. In today’s world of modern technology, the Light Master has a definite role to play in creating a better future together with our customers.



Product Specifications
Application Environment
Product Use
Windows Displays, Gift, Coffee Shop, Shop with Characteristics, Wedding Photo Shop
Product Raw Material
Product Dimensions
40"× 28"× 1 5/8"
Visual Dimensions
35 1/4" × 23 1/4"
Film Cutting Size
36" x 24"
Brightness (Lux)
Power Consumption
Light Source
T5 x 2 pieces
Power Rating
1 Year



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